Areas of focus

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Research activities in the ctr Lab fall into three core areas:

Control technology and systems theory

Research is conducted on high-speed, robust control systems which allow for virtually optimized timing of regulation and robustness in comparison to route changes with minimal design effort. Examples of applications include control systems for cranes, hydraulic systems, magnetic bearings, and submarines.

An additional area in this specialization is recurrent fuzzy systems. These are suitable for simulating human thought processes with dynamic behavior and for its industrial application in automation systems. In addition to applications in technical fields, e.g. continuous casting in the steel industry, fuzzy systems are used for modeling economic processes and ecological systems.

Asimo steigt Treppe auf, Mensch und Asimo

Mobile and humanoid robotics

Research deals with cognitive systems for robots which use reproduction and simulation of brain structures, e.g. in hearing and seeing, to enable robots to interact with their environment. Developing humanoid robots and their mental capacities in particular is one of the great adventures in engineering.

Research is being conducted as part of the graduate program “Mixed Mode Environment” with the objective of identifying opportunities for alternate communication and coordination of multi-agent systems (swarm robotics).


Autonomous systems and automotive technology

Work in this field deals with cognitive driver assistance systems and methods of automatic test plan creation in the finishing process. Modeling and control systems for diesel motors is an additional object of research.

Research in these subjects is conducted in close collaboration with automobile manufacturers.