Senior Researcher

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Group Leader in Mobile Robotics and Autonomous Systems
S3|10 413-25054
Volker Willert
S3|10 408-25041
Non-linear Control

Numeric Processes for Optimal Control
S3|10 417-25048

Scientific Staff

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Non-linear Control

Non-linear Control
S3|10 409-25031
mitarbeiterbild _ann-katrin batzer
S3|10 410-25032
S3|10 415-25047
(Group Leader: Dr.-Ing. Dilyana Domont-Yankulova)

Slow Beam Extraction
S3|10 408-25041
S3|10 408-25042

State Estimation
S3|10 408-25040
Distributed Optimization and Game Theory (Group Leader: Dr. rer. nat. Tatiana Tatarenko)
S3|10 423-25039
Mobile Robots and Autonomous Systems (Group Leader: Dr. Ing. Volker Willert)
S3|10 421-25062

Situation Awareness Estimation
S3|10 410-25046

Computer Vision and Digital Mapping

Autonomous driving systems
S3|10 40125061
S3|10 405
S3|10 405-25034
S3|10 401-25043
S3|10 405-25037

Predictive Driver Assistance
S3|10 410-25044
S3|10 401-25030
S3|10 407-25045