Open promotion positions

  • 2018/04/09


    Die autonome Fabrik

    Ab Frühjahr 2019, in Kooperation mit ABB

  • 2017/08/07

    Ph.D. Student Position

    Three-component Smart Grid Model. Local level: households, energy consuming devices and companies, electrical vehicles, etc. connected by a communica- tion graph; Microgrid level: union of users from local level; Central level: central power station.

    “Hybrid and Multimodal Energy Systems: Systems Theory and Methods for the Transformation and Operation of Complex Networks (SPP 1984)”

    Project: Distributed Optimization in Smart Grids

Open research assistant positions

Currently no news available.

In the upcoming semesters we will once again need research assistants to assist in our courses. These positions will be announced at the specified time.

If you are interested, please send an email to .